Body Language

Body language is a form of communication where a person’s mannerisms and composure communicates emotion and thoughts. The human body and its ability to communicate contain a vast amount of information ranging from a person’s confidence level to their interest in a person sexually. The roots of this tool come from built in instincts and human tribal experience.

Body Language

Body Language

Ancient societies would often utilize body paint that would highlight their eyes, face, and muscles to over-emphasize their confrontational stance in battle. Today, body language is commonly used to assess a person’s psychology and how they interact with other human beings. A person who is shy or quite distant will have vastly different ways of physically communicating than someone who is out-going and very personable to strangers.

The human body has many tools that highlight a person’s relative feelings toward another person. For example, the eyes are not only a tool to see how body language works, they can be an aspect of human body communication. Making eye contact with a person shows assertiveness and confidence, while looking away shows shyness or lack of interest. Facial expressions are one of the most common variables for human body language. Having a smile that seems natural or a relaxed face shows a feeling of openness and acceptance. A tense face or angry expression shows hostility, but even a “fake” smile, which psychology to this day has a hard time explaining, is easily picked up by humans as being insincere.

No matter what a person’s body structure, their body language is often what counts. Arguably, a person with a higher body mass index could have a harder time attracting a partner because of their body. However, the main reason they might not be attracting a partner is because they are expressing bad body language. If a person with a high body mass index is more out-going, uses their hands and arms more, makes eye contact, and verbally has a good attitude, this is attractive to potential partners.

The opposite might be true for people who obviously body build. Bodybuilding can be an attractive trait for many partners. However, a person who flaunts their body may show over-confidence and arrogance to potential partners. In contrast, body building can show a person that attention and care is given to the person’s health and physique, a generally attractive quality.

Body language is extremely important and should not be ignored. The natural instincts attached to the presentation of the human body are still with contemporary humans. Using these tools appropriately can build confidence and a good chemistry with other people.

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