Body Mass Index

BMI or Body Mass Index is a measuring tool to tell if your weight causes you to have health risks. BMI measurements utilize both someone’s height and weight to get a handle on someone’s total body fat. If someone has a BMI of 26 or 27, they would be overweight by about 20 percent. Twenty percent is the amount which is usually the amount that is thought to present health risks in the moderate range.

If a BMI is 30, a human body is classified as overweight. This can present someone with some health risks. If someone’s Body Mass Index is 30 or more, a person would be considered to be obese. The higher the BMI and more obese someone is brings with it a higher risk of developing health problems.

Being overweight can result in increased incidences of diabetes, heart disease and elevated blood pressure. Some experts estimate that having a Body Mass Index of greater than 30 can bring about an increase of death for by up to 150 percent from any cause. Most health professionals agree that overweight people who do not have other risk factors, like elevated blood pressure or high cholesterol should exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet to prevent from gaining additional weight.

Those people who are already overweight, in addition to having other health risks, should be actively trying to lose weight to reach a healthier weight. As always, you should seek the advice of your doctor before embarking on any exercise or program to lose weight. Bodybuilding and aerobic exercise can help someone lose weight.

A few years ago new guidelines were unveiled that presented a new determination of what is a healthy weight, now considered to be 24 or less Body Mass Index. Of course, having a healthy weight makes body paint look better on someone. That is body language that anyone can love. That means someone with a Body Mass Index of 25 up to 30 would be classified as overweight. People who have a Body Mass Index of 25 up to 35, and have a waist of 40 inches or more for men and 35 or more for women are at a higher risk for health problems.

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