Body Paint

There are different reasons to use body paint. Dancers on stage express body language to tell a story with the paint creating a character. During Halloween, it simulates tattoos without the pain or the expense. Body paint can create an illusion that a person’s body mass index is higher or lower, depending on the desire.

Body Paint

Body Paint

Body paint is different from other forms of paint. It contains no latex, or harmful oils. It is made to wash off with soap and water. For stage paint, certain cosmetic bases are used so the dancers or actor’s sweat doesn’t cause the image to run or streak.

Models working as part of “living sculptures” wear paint as part of the exhibit. They stand perfectly still. As patrons move closer to view what they think is a statue, the eyes blink, or a hand moves. The patrons shriek with fear and glee, and then move on to the next exhibit to see if they can tell real from stone.

The human body lends itself well to body paint. By using different shades and colors, a person could have an instant “six-pack.” For first aid training, wounds are simulated using various colors. After the exercise, the paint washes off.

Body painting has become an art form in itself. The World Body painting Festival 2012 will be held in Austria. Several countries are represented, with hundreds of body paint exhibits and thousands of visitors. Workshops on body paint are featured for adults and children.

For the office Halloween party, use body paint to resemble a favorite science fiction character, or imitate the boss. At a children’s party, use body paint to create unique costumes that will not cost a fortune. The costumes fit, and simply wash off when they get home.

Purchase body paints in craft stores, the costume section of big box stores or online. Choose from hundreds of colors in matte or glossy finishes, with or without glitter. Finishing the costume is as simple as adding a few beads, jewelry or other items on hand.

Artists use airbrushes to apply body paint as well. Colors blend better, become surreal, and create unique looks for each individual. The look is limited only by the painter’s imagination.

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